Miami Youth Group, Youth Expressions Travels Across Country to Perform Original Hip Hop and Spoken Word to Raise Awareness of HIV/AIDS

New York, NY – March 31, 2009 – The Keep A Child Alive (KCA) College Program and Youth Expressions are partnering to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS pandemic through the Live Campus 2009 concert series.  On April 2, 3 and 4, the Green Family Foundation-funded group Youth Expressions will be performing at local KCA College chapters throughout New York City and St. Louis.  Youth Expressions, a not-for-profit program committed to helping at-risk urban youth, will perform a number of original artistic pieces focused on the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on the global population to support the efforts of Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization providing lifesaving AIDS medication and surrounding care to those afflicted with the disease in Africa.

The Youth Expressions three city tour will stop at John Jay College, Washington University and New York University.  The local KCA College Chapters at each school are all participating in Live Campus 2009, a nationwide series of concerts at various schools aimed to increase the level of global consciousness and citizenship by raising funds for established and effective organizations, such as Keep a Child Alive.  The Youth Expressions group has created new lyrical pieces specifically for the concert series, incorporating hip-hop, spoken word, poetry and R&B into their performance.          

"We are once again so incredibly thrilled and inspired to partner with Keep a Child Alive and their college chapters to support the ongoing effort to educate today’s youth about the AIDS pandemic," said GFF president Kimberly Green.  “It is refreshing to see the wave of the future becoming so involved and dedicated to this global matter, and we are so thankful that the Keep a Child Alive College Program has invited Youth Expressions to their concert series to let their voices be heard as well.”

“KCA is always looking for new ways to engage students to fundraise for the millions of people in the developing world who have no access to lifesaving medicines,” said Kate Otto, KCA College Director. “Youth Expressions has a powerful ability to move audiences to action, and we expect many more young adults to join the AIDS movement with KCA after seeing these talented activists perform!”

Youth Expressions will also engage their audiences in direct AIDS relief by launching the “Text ALIVE” Campaign to have 100,000 people text the word ‘ALIVE’ to 90999, an action that makes a one-time $5.00 donation to Keep a Child Alive.

In November, Youth Expressions performed at Alicia Keys’ KCA College Student AIDS Summit, in which over 400 student AIDS activists gathered to continue the ongoing fight against the AIDS pandemic.

About the Green Family Foundation
The Green Family Foundation’s ( mission is to make a positive and meaningful impact in communities both at home and abroad. We provide funding and resources to organizations that support education, global health and community development. GFF empowers underserved communities to fight the cycle of extreme poverty, leading to sustainable programs that improve lives.

About Keep A Child Alive
Keep a Child Alive is a 501(c) 3 organization that developed as an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic currently ravaging Africa. With more than 28 million dead and 15 million orphaned, the disease continues, wiping out whole societies, threatening economic infrastructures and creating tragic family devastation.  KCA provides life-saving medication (ARV’s), social support, and orphan care, to keep these children and families alive and healthy.  KCA has also developed global campaigns designed to raise awareness and funds to help KCA in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  For just a dollar a day, you can help save the life of a child or a parent who cannot afford essential treatment and care in some of the world’s poorest countries.

About The KCA College Program
KCA College is an action-oriented network of high school and college students who support the mission and work of Keep A Child Alive.  KCA College members raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic on campus and raise funds for KCA to provide lifesaving medicine and surrounding care for children and families living with HIV/AIDS.  KCA College is a growing network whose current roster exceeds 300 registered chapters and thousands of members around the world.  The KCA Student AIDS Summit is KCA College’s annual gathering of chapter members to share and refine new ideas and initiatives while continuing the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.