Frost Art Museum and GFF

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University (FIU) last week opened four exhibitions that feature art created in and about the Caribbean and the Americas. The museum's Director and Chief Curator, Carol Damian, thanked Green Family Foundation President Kimberly Green for the foundation's continued support of FIU and its programs. The event was part of the museum's Target Wednesday After Hours program, which provides complementary food, entertainment, film and performance art to the museum's exhibits.

The exhibits, on display through summer, include Tap-Tap: Celebrating The Art of Haiti, a visual journey through Haiti that takes one from the countryside to the city and through Haiti's vibrant markets. The Tap-Tap also stops at activity scenes like dances, football games and vodou ceremonies. Edouard Duval-Carrié, Gerard Fortuné, Lionel Simonis and Jacques Valmidor are among the featured artists.

Another exhibit, Volf Roitman: From MADI to the LUDIC Revolution, featured the work of the late Uruguayan artist and architect Volf Roitman, who passed away on April 25th. Mr. Roitman's wife and family were on hand at the opening. They were joined there by his sister-in-law and daughter of famed ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, Anna Lomax Wood, who along with the Green Family Foundation, produced the Haiti Box Set, a collection of songs and film from Haiti in the 1930s. Volf Roitman's whimsical sculptures, complete with light effects, moving parts and colors galore, added a joyful, if melancholy note to the evening.

Spiritual Healing: Shamans of the Northwest Coast
and Paul Strand in Mexico, also are on exhibit through the summer. Contact the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum for more information.