Update: September 2011

GFF President Kimberly Green Spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York

For the past two years, GFF President Kimberly Green has served as cultural rapporteur of the Haiti Action Network segment of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Haiti Action Network holds regular coordination meetings in either New York or Port-au-Prince every month. Many new projects have been developed through the Action Network and are in various phases of implementation. Focus areas include education, water & shelter, health, environment, culture, energy and business development. Kimberly Green speaking at 2011 CGI annual meeting

President Green attended and spoke at the 2011 CGI Annual Meeting Haiti Action Network panel in New York in September 2011. Other members of the panel included President Clinton, Michel Martelly, President of Haiti; Ella Goodwin, AmeriCares; Brad Strickland, American Institutes for Research, Dominic MacSorley, Concern Worldwide; Dan Schnitzer, Earthspark International; and Michael Carey, Soul of Haiti Denis O'Brien (Chairman of Digicel and Haiti Action Network facilitator) moderated the discussion.

"Culture is more than just the art reflective of the creative and long struggling souls of Haiti’s artists, to be sold in galleries across the world," said Green during her speech. "It is more than jewelry and ironwork and the unique sequined voodoo flags that tell the stories of the tortured and passionate union of the voodoo gods and their catholic sainted siblings."

"Culture exists in the rich history behind why these painting and objects of art are created; it lies in understanding why the Haitian communities stand up in the face of what some believe to be aid, or food or shelter," she continued. "Culture competency allows everyone to do their job better. From land distribution and food security, to preventing what is now being called gender-based violence, Haiti’s history is unique and specific to her people..."

Read President Green's complete speech here.