New Staff Announcement: Mireille Louis Charles, Senior Program Director, Green Family Foundation

After a brief hiatus, GFF is proud and honored to announce a new member of our family. Mireille Louis Charles has joined our family as Senior Program Director.

The Green Family has known Ms. Charles for over 20 years, and her dedication to her community, her passionate approach to social justice and human rights and her sense of humor in the face of adversity embodies GFF's approach to global citizenry.  Not only will her knowledge aid us in growing where we are planted, it will help us water the seeds of human rights planted throughout the world.

The world recently lost Wangari Maathi to cancer, a strong Kenyan woman who founded the Greenbelt Movement, to reforest her country by paying poor women a few shillings to plant trees and who went on to become the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Maathai was as comfortable in the gritty streets of Nairobi's slums or the muddy hillsides of central Kenya as she was hobnobbing with heads of state.

Ms. Charles brings that energy to our family. So please welcome her with open arms and keep an eye on our web sites to keep up with all of our adventures.

Click here to read a short bio of Mireille.

To reach Mireille, please contact her at 305-538-4848 (office), 305-299-4293 (mobile), or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.